Dream Log 15

Monday 7-16-18 / ……… / Tuesday 7-17-18 Good omen for the poetry reading tonight, or no? The latter half a dream had me in a living room with a tooth that felt slightly loose. Like any normal waking moment, I placed my finger in my mouth and began to wiggle that tooth. It easily detached […]

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Dream Log 14

Thursday 7-12-18 / ……… / Friday 7-13-18 Here’s a new sport for you: beach soccer, but just offshore, so that the goals are half-submerged underwater no matter where the tide is located. Everyone has to kick the ball at the surface of the water, so there were a lot of strange acrobatics involved during the […]

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Dream Log 13

Wednesday 7-11-18 / ……… / Thursday 7-12-18 The three main individuals in this dream were me, my mom, and my sister. The main conflict in this dream involved getting to our seats for a baseball game. The rush to enter the section we were in was incredible; people were jostling around and fighting to get […]

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Dream Log 12

Monday 7-9-18 / ……… / Tuesday 7-10-18 A lost tooth dream: I pulled a canine tooth out on my own. At first, I though that it was just a baby tooth, but quickly realized that I wasn’t a child. The dream continued with the gap in my tooth. Then, I thought I’d woken up. I […]

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Dream Log 11

Thursday 7-5-18 / ……… / Friday 7-6-18 I’m thinking it was the same dream but the start and end are quite different in scope. I’m in my new house, and I’m decorating it for Christmas, and I’m inviting a large number of people. So I’m rushing as fast as I can to string up lights […]

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Dream Log 10

Sunday 7-1-18 / ……… / Monday 7-2-18 Two brief scenarios as I’m quite late in the evening, so my memory is foggy: (1) I had to teach a new writing class, it was the first day, & I didn’t have a syllabus yet. I asked a new colleague of mine whose focus was literature. His […]

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Dream Log 9

Saturday 6-30-18 / ……… / Sunday 7-1-18 I need to remember more interesting dreams. Both were in the same type of school-esque building. Here is what happened in this one segment: I received multiple book recommendations. Handed books by multiple people. My wife informed me about one I had to start now. The last page was around […]

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Dream Log 8

Wednesday 6-27-18 / ……… / Thursday 6-28-18 Two parts this time around that I remember. Yesterday evening, for the first time in years, I dusted off the piano that my grandmother bequeathed to me. I played it for awhile, even though it’s in desperate need of tuning. So of course I would be playing an […]

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Dream Log 7

Monday 6-25-18 / ……… / Tuesday 6-26-18 One rule that seemed to exist in a dream earlier in the night, at least in agreement amongst all the characters in the dream, is that when one dies, it is not the end. A person experiences “first death.” Then, that person begins life anew. The goal is for […]

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Dream Log 6

Saturday 6-16-18 / ……… / Sunday 6-17-18 A baseball score Cleveland 32 & Minnesota 14 should be enough strangeness to do a dream check for me to realize hey this has to be a dream for me to realize I can make other revisions to take specific actions to glide through walls or alter the […]

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