Dream Log 9

Saturday 6-30-18 / ……… / Sunday 7-1-18

I need to remember more interesting dreams. Both were in the same type of school-esque building. Here is what happened in this one segment: I received multiple book recommendations. Handed books by multiple people. My wife informed me about one I had to start now. The last page was around 9500. I told her that was too big; but I went to the start and realized that the book started at around 2000, so it seemed more manageable.

The second dream took place in a copy room. Multiple individuals were there, which I found aggravating because it was the summer and no faculty would be here to copy material in the summer! But here we were.

I stood by the machine and leafed through the stapled articles I wanted to copy. As I was reading, I felt a bit more relieved because I had a hunch that the students would be able to bring in their own copies of these readings without my having to do anything in advance (copying or scanning).

I told you these two dreams were thrilling!

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