Books & Works in Anthologies

Do Us a Favor (Variant Literature, August 2021)

“I’ve Ballooned into Something Unwieldy,” “The Undiscovered,” & “Zoom Cards Against Humanity” in The Second Chance Anthology by Variant Literature (ed. Tyler Pufpaff, August 2020)

Five Seconds Could Last Five Years, a summer mixtape poetry collection (July 2020)

“When You See the Videos” in The Anatomy of Desire: An Anthology of Distance, a poetry anthology by The Poetry Annals (ed. Shekinah Vera-Cruz, December 2018)

Lucid, a poetry micro-chapbook (The Poetry Annals, June 2018)

My Ear is a Sieve, a poetry chapbook (Bottlecap Press, October 2017)

Selected Poems

“In Tampa” (Sledgehammer Lit, forthcoming in December)

Breadcrumbs” (Ink Drinkers, September 2021)

Theseus and Ariadne (or, Ariadne and Theseus)” (Moonchild Magazine, September 2021)

As I Am Stung By A Persistent Yellow Jacket” (The Jupiter Review, June 2021)

April 3rd” (CP Quarterly, June 2021)

“I Intended To Go / On An Innocent Walk” (CP Quarterly, June 2021)

These Eclipses Happen Often” (CP Quarterly, June 2021)

“Lodestone” (Lucent Dreaming, April 2021)

“Pour Leaves over My Head” (The Ocean State Review, February 2021)

Alchemy” (The Aurora Journal, February 2021)

Cold Fronts” (Fahmidan Journal, December 2020)

Bachkovo” (Signal Mountain Review, November 2020)

Chalcedon” (Signal Mountain Review, November 2020)

Coal and Ash” (Signal Mountain Review, November 2020), Pushcart Prize nominee

Fireworks” (Kissing Dynamite Poetry, November 2020)

Savior” (Non.Plus Lit, October 2020)

On a Parks & Recreation Nostalgia Trip in 2020” (The Daily Drunk Mag, October 2020)

You Had Your Soul With You” (Perhappened Mag, August 2020)

December 10th” (Mineral Lit Mag, March 2020)

Mary Arrives at Ocean City after 15 Years” (Lines+Stars, February 2020)

Church Youth-Group Lock-Ins Are Supposed To Be About Getting Closer / To God” (Ghost City Review, February 2020)

I Would Like You To Do Us A Favor…” published in Poets Resist Series (Glass Poetry, January 2020)

They Are Bascule Bridges” (Rabid Oak, August 2019)

Fire” (Nightingale & Sparrow, August 2019)

The Fates” (Random Sample Review, August 2019)

Bread & Wine” (Riggwelter, July 2019)

Proprioception” (Dream Noir, March 2019)

Should I Sit Down” (Dream Noir, March 2019)

While Wading Knee-Deep in the Ocean” (8 Poems, January 2019)

Hovering” (Indicia, December 2018)

Last Night I Dreamt” (Last Exit, November 2018)

Tracks” (The Bookends Review, March 2018)

First Flight” (Ghost City Review, February 2018)

Time” (The Wire’s Dream, December 2017)

December” (The Wire’s Dream, December 2017)

Trees” (Noble Gas Qtrly, December 2017)

Eat At…” (L’Ephemere Review, October 2017)

Phenomena” (L’Ephemere Review, October 2017)

Istanbul, 2013” (Rise Up Review, January 2017)

“When I See My Wife…” and others (Rising Phoenix Review, 2017)

Istanbul, 2007” (Silver Birch Press, September 2016)

                                 … and more.

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