Dream Log 8

Wednesday 6-27-18 / ……… / Thursday 6-28-18

Two parts this time around that I remember.

Yesterday evening, for the first time in years, I dusted off the piano that my grandmother bequeathed to me. I played it for awhile, even though it’s in desperate need of tuning. So of course I would be playing an untuned piano in my dreams. It was at a performance, like a concert where I was accompanying dancers and other performers. I walked into the hall, realized I had to perform, and I introduced myself to everyone in attendance. I explained each movement to the piece and I began to play. I had no idea what I was to play; I wouldn’t read the music. But I started to mimic chords and melodies I felt were recognizable. It was not that loud, and I could hear background dinner chatter behind me. But I didn’t care. I played, and the people on stage began to perform — dancing and acting out a scene through the piano music.

There was another dream I had closer to waking, but the main element that I recall is receiving an email from a poet who decided to give me some comments after a work had just been published. The thing that stood out was that they felt it wasn’t fully done but they enjoyed the imagery and the scenes I painted in that short amount of time. They weren’t sure what grade to give: an R- perhaps. That was like a B+.

My guess is that I dreamt this element because my mini-chapbook is getting published today — so it would be natural that someone might provide feedback and that it might seem unfinished because I have quite a few more poems regarding my dreams and becoming lucid that the public hasn’t seen.

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