Dream Log 7

Monday 6-25-18 / ……… / Tuesday 6-26-18

One rule that seemed to exist in a dream earlier in the night, at least in agreement amongst all the characters in the dream, is that when one dies, it is not the end. A person experiences “first death.” Then, that person begins life anew. The goal is for people to experience “second death” and “third death”, etc. It was an astounding revelation while asleep, this notion of eternity. Upon waking, to me, it’s reminiscent of reincarnation.

During that specific dream, I was reprimanded by a colleague for not finishing a dessert that I had been given as a gift. I sent the plate back to the colleague with that piece not eaten. That person placed the plate with the unfinished piece in front of me as I sat down and told me to eat. In my head, I thought that leaving a piece was considered good manners.

I wake up right before I eat the morsel, which so happened to be a final wedge of strawberry rhubarb pie.

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