Dream Log 10

Sunday 7-1-18 / ……… / Monday 7-2-18

Two brief scenarios as I’m quite late in the evening, so my memory is foggy:

(1) I had to teach a new writing class, it was the first day, & I didn’t have a syllabus yet. I asked a new colleague of mine whose focus was literature. His course schedule had first-year students reading a book for each class. I mentioned that I felt the course load was too rigorous. He scoffed and clutched the syllabus back to his chest and said something to the likes of “I knew people were going to say that about my class. Students aren’t challenged anymore in classes!!” I wanted to say it seemed to be a class for graduate students but decided not to. I went in the room. Only two students were there, and the class was set to begin. Very few followed into the room. One of the students said that, since this room was in the basement, few first-years knew that this was where the room was situated — so it would be awhile before they arrived. I drew in a sigh of relief, thinking that I had time to kill and if I had a decent number of the students, I could wait and do a diagnostic for the first class and delay sending out the syllabus until the second class…

(2) The other dream I can remember involved me driving the giant trams that (I think) are still used at the zoo. There were multiple that went around these giant parking garages. I was in the middle of driving a group of people to their cars when I had to stop. A trailer of another tram had become detached and continue to circle around a pylon in the center of the garage, over and over and over again quickly like a whirligig. I don’t think there were people in it, nor was there a driver who seemed in control of the vehicle. I wondered who might be able to take care of this situation. I walked along the side of my tram to see if I could locate anyone. Another driver with their tram had to stop behind me; they looked irritated and laid on their horn. After a minute, they swerved around me. As they passed, the vehicle came extra close to mine and I had to leap onto the tram. At that moment, the tram started and I was off through the garage — but not the person in control of the vehicle.

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