Dream Log 11

Thursday 7-5-18 / ……… / Friday 7-6-18

I’m thinking it was the same dream but the start and end are quite different in scope. I’m in my new house, and I’m decorating it for Christmas, and I’m inviting a large number of people. So I’m rushing as fast as I can to string up lights in the normally non-existent trees right in front of my house and fence. I’ve donned windows with pine garlands and bows, our boxes from the recent move are still here and there in the living room space. There’s a fireplace in the main living room (though there isn’t a fireplace in the main living room in reality).

I balk the second time I look outside for guests: the trees are leaf-less, they are covered in a large amount of snow, and the drifts are blowing hard and fast. Storms were aplenty overnight: heavy rain and loud claps of thunder, so this was definitely a shock to me. Hadn’t it just been raining heavily around midnight?

Thunder resounded just then when I felt confused. I ran out to assist people. The following span of time grew muddled. It wasn’t until later that I was walking along an expansive beach with the sun still rising behind me; mid-morning probably? I kept on walking ahead. Distant rock outcroppings were getting closer, and in my head, I knew I had to get there. There being a parking lot and my car. Other people were occasionally flitting in and out of view, friends and people I thought might be guests at the house holiday party.

A beachball floated on the shore after a wave retreated.

A sandcastle sat in front of me, half-made.

White lawn chairs littered the dunes.

It was summer again. The warmth noticeable.

How did the snow so suddenly disappear?

I told myself to do something because this was a dream. I don’t know if I did because I don’t remember anything else that came after that pronouncement.

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