Dream Log 15

Monday 7-16-18 / ……… / Tuesday 7-17-18

Good omen for the poetry reading tonight, or no? The latter half a dream had me in a living room with a tooth that felt slightly loose. Like any normal waking moment, I placed my finger in my mouth and began to wiggle that tooth. It easily detached from my jaw.

I rushed to a bathroom and stood in front of a mirror looking at my reflection. Normal visage, like I look now at 34. I began to inspect my teeth, some randomly became looser, others start to looked decayed and brown. Which meant they would be a cinch to pull out. So I started to do so, getting rid of two molars next. Then the opposing canine (which had been the initial tooth to go).

This concerned me a lot, and it also led me to believe that this had to be a dream. Teeth loss, lack of actual pain, I had to be dreaming. So I blinked multiple times, stared into the mirror. No waking up. I wondered, maybe this is reality! The dream checks aren’t working!

More teeth left. The bottom left side of my mouth was a gaping chasm now. But no blood. I wandered around the bathroom trying to figure out what to do. I stared quickly back at the mirror, and my mouth now was completely covered with metal instruments to help realign my teeth, like braces. I began to disassemble these contraptions and finally managed to get rid of all the useless stuff. Three-quarters of my teeth were gone, and I couldn’t wake up.

I walked away from my mirror, but with limited mess and limited concern. I had all my teeth in one hand, but no set destination in mind.

So of course I woke up early and made sure all of my teeth were firmly set in place.

Time to schedule a dental check-up and cleaning…

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