Dream Log 14

Thursday 7-12-18 / ……… / Friday 7-13-18

Here’s a new sport for you: beach soccer, but just offshore, so that the goals are half-submerged underwater no matter where the tide is located. Everyone has to kick the ball at the surface of the water, so there were a lot of strange acrobatics involved during the match I was a part of. My team at the World Cup (–That’s all I could assume was going on in the dream–) was Slovakia! It makes sense since most of my ancestors are from that tiny landlocked central European country. Still, that dream doesn’t make sense since Slovakia, a tiny landlocked central European country, was a team playing in a World Cup match for offshore beach soccer! You’d think any place with legitimate shoreline and constant beach-going weather would be finalists.

Whatever. It was a fun dream. But everyone on both sides (don’t remember my opponent) kept complaining about the uniform. We all had to wear T-shirts, and it made moving around in the undertow difficult, especially since most of the movement involved bicycle kicks and dolphin leaps so that the ball would move around the ‘pitch.’ And the waves kept crashing repeatedly.

I wager this sport would be kinda like water polo, but you can only use your head and feet.

I woke up sore.

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