Dream Log 13

Wednesday 7-11-18 / ……… / Thursday 7-12-18

The three main individuals in this dream were me, my mom, and my sister. The main conflict in this dream involved getting to our seats for a baseball game. The rush to enter the section we were in was incredible; people were jostling around and fighting to get through. The entrances were reminiscent of the London Tube stiles, where one would try to swipe a card or feed a ticket through. My mom snuck through the wheelchair accessible entrance without a second glance; I’m pretty sure she had all our tickets. Then, my sister followed suit but was stopped by a guard and forced to go through one of the other stiles. She produced her ticket and went in.

I rifled through my wallet, thinking that I might have placed a ticket in there but couldn’t find one. People behind me were getting aggravated at having to wait to enter. I called out to my sister and my mom to wait. My sister grew aggravated as well, wondering why I’d not had my ticket in my hand. She left eventually, saying she’d see if my mom still had the ticket. No word from her. I ran around the area, searching the ground to see if a ticket was lying about among the throng of people. Nothing.

I left the building in defeat. I turned back eventually. Perhaps time had passed for the building I entered was empty. A security guard was near a podium to the side and asked what I was looking for. I told him I wanted to find a ticket, because without it I couldn’t see the baseball game. He said he’d be on the lookout; plus, he’d contact ticket sales to see if they could reprint a ticket, and see if this case would allow for such a reprinting.

I turned around and left with the hope that I could get a ticket for the game (which apparently hadn’t started yet … or did … or it would have been a ticket for a future game … who knows?).

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