Dream Log 5

Friday 6-15-18 / ……… / Saturday 6-16-18 Two parts to this dream. First off, the fact that I was in my grandmother’s old house, and we (my family) were packing things away and throwing out unneeded items that did not spark nostalgia or past memories. There was this basket that opened up to two compartments. […]

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Dream Log 4

Tuesday 6-12-18 / ……… / Wednesday 6-13-18 Flitted in and out of a lot of different locations last night. The most memorable was a room, similar to a gift shop, but bigger. The aisles were cramped, most of them nonexistent. The only way to go down the aisles would be to push them aside to […]

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Dream Log 3

Monday 6-11-18 / ……… / Tuesday 6-12-18 The main element that is fresh in my mind is the fact that I only communicated through writing my messages on giant pieces of cardboard with a Sharpie. I would write without paying attention to what I wrote; the last message I could remember was “This is a […]

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Dream Log 2

Tuesday 6-5-18 / ……… / Wednesday 6-6-18 Mary and I walking around my parents’ house and property. Greg and Katie (old Istanbul friends) in car wanting to turn around. They say hey. We are stretching and walking around the paths, all freshly paved (to my delight). We get to the corner of the property where […]

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Dream Log 1

Monday 6-4-18 / ……… / Tuesday 6-5-18 I’m racing after students from last semester who graduated, and I’m wishing them all Godspeed before they reach one of the three elevators in the distance — all headed to the topmost floor. I catch one of the elevators and race to the top. The floor is expansive […]

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New Direction

As the title states, this blog will head down a new path. Though, I’ve left a few blog posts up from the past, my aim now in this space is to write about my dreams from the notes I take upon waking up from them. Hopefully the notes I jot down bedside can kickstart the […]

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One of the better feelings a person can have is this: when they sit down and — almost instantaneously — have an idea for a creative project that, for some reason, they never considered already. This happened to me earlier today. I don’t know if it will amount to much in the end. However, in […]

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Red, White, and Blue

but the colors that run like blood down the mirror are not two of those three. What I see are rivers multiple shades still the same bloody substance as if I’d stabbed the mirror. I really don’t want to wait to see when the curtain falls soaking everything in black.

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Freedom of the Press

Snicker some more about how we shall never have to worry about freedom of the press in the US about rights being taken away from us. Just see Turkey: whenever something offensive became hyper-visible banning followed not long after Whenever a reporter shared uncomfortable slices of news that few people knew arrests and silencing appeared […]

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Poem 4/29/15

feet slamming on concrete once was brick formed by molds each step has its own shape each emotion a hue each life forged with patience infused with color ready to create fire from nothing for someone hearts glow after chants revive creation myths shape a narrative path circular around lungs breathe in and step to […]

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