Dream Log 4

Tuesday 6-12-18 / ……… / Wednesday 6-13-18

Flitted in and out of a lot of different locations last night. The most memorable was a room, similar to a gift shop, but bigger. The aisles were cramped, most of them nonexistent. The only way to go down the aisles would be to push them aside to make it passable; the problem was that there might have been other people in the aisles. And that was indeed the case. The oddest aspect of this gift shop was that everything was ghosted or painted all-white, so I could not tell what objects were actually here for sale. It was reminiscent to the bookstore that had their books wiped clean in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

I heard a song in the gift shop where the singer sounded familiar to me. It was John Cooper, the lead member of the band Skillet, and he was crooning a song that sounded more like a pop ballad than anything else. I walked out of the place and found myself in an auditorium, where some event was going to take place. Apparently, after wandering about, I found out that this was to be a Bible study of some kind; in front was a screen where there was some type of TV program or something similar playing. Acting in this program was none other than John Cooper and his wife, Korey (also a Skillet member).

I turned to Mary, who was a part of this dream at this moment, and began to wax existential: basically sighing about how time was going by too far. Look at them: they were playing in a band 15+ years ago and they looked as if they were 30! But it was 2018!

Then I returned to a seat I had taken when I was briefly watching the TV show. This woman informed me that I could not sit there, that this was her seat. I told that I already had been sitting here; she got a bit aggravated at my insistence. She stormed off. Mary followed her to put her in her place, and I sat there waiting for the Bible study to begin, Bible in hand.

That was when the power went out and screams littered the room. I looked around to locate where Mary had gone only to find myself back in the gift shop, all aisles and ghosted objects gone. It was almost like an empty gymnasium or auditorium now. At the end of this room was a door. I ran there and opened it. I found myself in an elevator going up, Mary the only other person with me now. We kept going up. We held hands and exited the elevator. And that’s all I remember.

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