Dream Log 5

Friday 6-15-18 / ……… / Saturday 6-16-18

Two parts to this dream. First off, the fact that I was in my grandmother’s old house, and we (my family) were packing things away and throwing out unneeded items that did not spark nostalgia or past memories. There was this basket that opened up to two compartments. I felt as if it wasn’t even a bother to look in because of how chipped and worn out the outside was. My mom scolded me and told me that this basket was crafted by my great-grandfather and that this actual item was made particularly for me along with all the items within. Inside, from what I recall, were miniatures of items like a brush, some other trinkets like marbles and other wood-hewn items. My mom also mentioned that these items would have passed the time for any youth; my great-grandfather obviously had no idea about the internet or other electronics that we have now.

Part two involved another house that I wasn’t aware of. It was a place where I was house-sitting or it was crafted to emulate a new house of mine. However, before I went to bed, I forgot to lock windows and close the door, and perhaps shut one of the windows in a certain room. Because of this, the place was upended overnight. The reason: a poltergeist found its way into the room and decided to throw things against the wall and fling papers and lighter objects willy-nilly. Since I was the one who did not bar the creature from entering the room the previous night, I had to go in and clean everything and make sure that the poltergeist was out of there. Going into the room, I didn’t notice any weird spirit or creature that wasn’t human. I sorted things out with one eye peeled, waiting for anything odd to surface. I looked at one of the windows and see that snow was falling quite heavily onto the trees planted near the window. I stood up quickly and stared at the winter scene, and my mind jumped to the fact that it’s actually mid-June, not mid-January.

And that’s when I woke up: poltergeist room a distant memory!

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