Dream Log 2

Tuesday 6-5-18 / ……… / Wednesday 6-6-18

Mary and I walking around my parents’ house and property. Greg and Katie (old Istanbul friends) in car wanting to turn around. They say hey. We are stretching and walking around the paths, all freshly paved (to my delight). We get to the corner of the property where a ivy-framed door leads to more paths akin to the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Other people with dogs are wandering around. One dog nips at me, but I do not react strongly. In the distance, I see the car Greg and Katie were in make an attempt to turn around on one of the pedestrian paths and fail miserably. I tell them they can go through the door.

We go through the door.

The dream changes and I have my sister’s dog (R.I.P.) at my old church. We’re waiting so we can drop him off. Another dude with a dog comes in and yaps at Harley (my sister’s dog). The dude is laissez-faire about the whole situation, and this time I’m irritated at the dog’s actions. No one else seems to mind he’s there. He reminds me of a vagrant; I just have a bad feeling about him. He reminds me of Tommy Wiseau of The Room fame. But he doesn’t talk at all.

There seems to be a reception in the basement of the church and I try my best to hide from the Tommy doppelgänger. As I go further into the basement, the decorations grow and I realize it’s Christmas and I realize that this isn’t my everyday reality.

And I wake up.

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