Dream Log 1

Monday 6-4-18 / ……… / Tuesday 6-5-18

I’m racing after students from last semester who graduated, and I’m wishing them all Godspeed before they reach one of the three elevators in the distance — all headed to the topmost floor.

I catch one of the elevators and race to the top. The floor is expansive with a whiteboard and a projector standing at one end of a bright auditorium. I reach that space and begin to lecture, like I typically would for any class. It’s the first day and I’m outlining the class’s policies — to only one student who was in attendance.

One aspect of the presentation that I recall is a collection of videoclips that align with the syllabus. One of these videos was of Stephen Colbert hunched over and eating BBQ (as a publicity stunt for KFC), quipping that it’s “finger lickin’ good, all right!” in his best Comedy Central Colbert persona.

And that’s when I awaken. Unendurably hungry.

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