One of the better feelings a person can have is this: when they sit down and — almost instantaneously — have an idea for a creative project that, for some reason, they never considered already.

This happened to me earlier today. I don’t know if it will amount to much in the end. However, in 2012, I’d had the idea of compiling the poems and the prose work I had written over the four years I had journaled into a collective work that might be publishable in the near future.

That project will indeed get published in the near future! (Here’s the web space.) So — with this new idea, why couldn’t that idea eventually travel into the realms of the publishing world? The ideas are just ideas, of course, for now. There are more elements that become involved in such an enterprise; still, I feel good about this idea. Whenever an idea blossoms, foment such ideas. Who knows what will become of them?

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