The best thing ever!

I know that I have done a lot of music posts, but that is what I’ve been wrapping my mind around when I’m not entrenched with graduate school in(s)anity. There will be times when I shall once again describe travel debacles and provide decent exposés in that regard. Little Joy is a band that — even with the mention of the name — kindles beachfront scenes, trees hovering over the sun, bungalows in woods, outlooks over oceans, bonfires in July, full moons above the shore, a cold beer as I lie under a too-thin umbrella. The quintessential modern summer album was created in 2008. Little Joy’s eponymous gem creates these scenes and keeps them with you even after the final song produces its final guitar strum. This final guitar strum comes from the song I wish to share with you now. Evaporar. The language is Portuguese. I have read the transcription. It apparently is difficult to transcribe word-for-word. There are so many metaphors and plays with words in this song … it just makes it better that I don’t care. Rodrigo Amarante’s voice purrs above the faint guitar. That’s all you hear. And no matter the season the beauty that arises from both voice and strum is indescribable. Here are the words. It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand. Try to find the mp3 and listen. Then buy. Buy it. It is worth every single penny.

Tempo a gente tem
Quanto a gente dá
Corre o que correr
Custa o que custar

Tempo a gente dá
Quanto a gente tem
Custa o que correr
Corre o que custar

O tempo que eu perdi
Só agora eu sei
Aprender a dar
Foi o que ganhei

E ando ainda atrás
Desse tempo ter
Pude não correr
Dele me encontrar

Ahh não se mexeu
Beija-flor no ar

O rio fica lá
A água é que correu
Chega na maré
Ele vira mar

Como se morrer
Fosse desaguar
Derramar no céu
Se purificar

Ahh deixa pra trás
Sais e minerais, evaporar!

For those who might want to know the English interpretation, go to this website. In the comments section, someone who knows Portuguese attempts to describe what is said. There’s a lot of wordplay involved.

2 thoughts on “The best thing ever!

  1. Dude! You should put up a link to the song…I am searching it out on the Internet if Turkish Telekom of Digiturk hasn’t blocked it.

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